Mindfulness onderzoek.


Er zijn vele onderzoeken gepubliceerd over de effecten van mindfulness. Diverse Universiteiten zoals Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Massachusetss Medical Hospital hebben hun resultaten gepubliceerd. Onderstaand meer informatie over diverse publicaties, die ook voor organisaties en instellingen van belang zijn. 



Mindfulness en veranderingen in het brein

The business world is abuzz with mindfulness. But perhaps you haven’t heard that the hype is backed by hard science. Recent research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental, present-moment awareness (a.k.a. mindfulness) changes the brain, and it does so in ways that anyone working in today’s complex business environment, and certainly every leader, should know about.

Chronische stress en het effect op het brein

Serious, long-term stress can have dire consequences for your brain. That's because the immune system and the brain are intimately related, say researchers at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. Long thought to operate separately, the microglia cells that act as the main immune defense in the central nervous system also comprise ten to fifteen percent of the brain's overall cell count.

Mindfulness training en neurale integratie

In recent years, the ancient practice of being aware of one's sensory experience in the present moment—of ‘being mindful’—has taken a prominent place in discussions among clinicians, educators and the general public.

Compassie training kan nieuwe coping-strategie weerspiegelen om empathisch leed te overwinnen & veerkracht te versterken

Although empathy is crucial for successful social interactions, excessive sharing of others’ negative emotions may be maladaptive and constitute a source of burnout. To investigate functional neural plasticity underlying the augmentation of empathy and to test the counteracting potential of compassion, one group of participants was first trained in empathic resonance and subsequently in compassion.

Altruïsme, geluk en gezondheid: het is goed om goed te zijn

Altruistic (other-regarding) emotions and behaviors are associated with greater well-being, health, and longevity. This article presents a summary and assessment of existing research data on altruism and its relation to mental and physical health. It suggests several complimentary interpretive frameworks, including evolutionary biology, physiological models, and positive psychology.

Stress response en ontspanningsresponse

This study provides the first compelling evidence that the RR elicits specific gene expression changes in short-term and long-term practitioners. Our results suggest consistent and constitutive changes in gene expression resulting from RR may relate to long term physiological effects. Our study may stimulate new investigations into applying transcriptional profiling for accurately measuring RR and stress related responses in multiple disease settings.

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