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mindfulness for expats in friesland

(8-week MBSR Course). Online or in Drachten.

€ 650 & health insurance reimbursement

The most researched and established mindfulness course in an individual effective setting with more personal attention.

mindfulness in english in leeuwarden and friesland

This Individual Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training (MBSR) is given in accordance with the gold standard created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. It is the most researched and established secular mindfulness program available. 


This mindfulness training is for everyone who wishes to increase their quality of life by:


  • increasing resilience, peace and living with greater ease

  • ​learning how to skillfully manage stress

  • learning how to release difficult thoughts and decrease mind wandering

  • learning how to deal with difficult feelings, like tension, anxiety or pain


  • more consideration & time for your challenges 

  • privacy to discuss personal experiences and topics

  • more personal guidance

  • start when you want

  • times and days tailored to your schedule


Join the most trusted secular mindfulness program with Marianne Smit. She is the founder of Mindful State. A boutique and specialized mindfulness provider. Personal, high quality standards and experienced guidance are at the heart of the Mindful State service. Marianne Smit is a down-to-earth senior mindfulness trainer in the highest standard (cat. 1 VMBN/MBP-trainer) with extensive meditation experience, working with groundbreaking international science-based and in-depth knowledge. Qualitative teaching material and personal guidance ensure an enriching experience with sustainable effect!

mindfulness english spoken drachten


Mindfulness is for everyone! We all can benefit. The training contributes to personal growth and more well-being. Mindfulness meditation is also considered a mental workout. It is good for your brain! Many people around the world have experienced the positive science-based effects of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a truly beneficial experience. 

On our in-depth research page, you can find more information about the positive effects for you on an individual level and the work related benefits. 


During a free of charge conversation, we carefully discuss your motivation, goals and challenges. If you have any questions at that moment go ahead! An intake is an important part of the Jon Kabat-Zinn mindfulness training. We decide mutually, if and when we start the mindfulness training. 


Mindfulness is a skill. By practicing, you will master important life skills for your well-being! In this process you will be guided 1 hour per week by your trainer. The program takes place over an eight-week period. You will get to work with meditations, relaxation and awareness exercises & theory. Take 45 minutes of daily practice into consideration.


The program includes the following topics:

  • the autopilot

  • learning to switch from doing to being

  • stress education

  • dealing with thoughts and emotions

  • recognizing mental and physical boundaries

  • (self) care & compassion

  • positive mental habits

english mindfulness drachten

"I have learned to take more moments of rest during the day, to allow myself more breathing space and to be more kind towards myself."

- Maud


You receive quality teaching material. You’re provided with theory, tools, tips, quotes, research, articles, inspiration and forms. You also receive audiotracks with various mindfulness meditations. 


It is possible to follow the individual mindfulness training with a family member, partner, girlfriend or friend. 



You can join the individual mindfulness course online or at our beautiful historic location in the heart of Drachten Center. The mindfulness course can also be given in hybride form (online/on location). 



It may be that your Dutch health insurer (partially) reimburses this mindfulness training. Check the Dutch Zorgwijzer for reimbursement.


In some cases, employers contribute in the context of sustainable employability, prevention, recovery (reintegration) or if you have a personal development budget.


Are you disabled or unemployed? Ask the Dutch UWV about the possibilities for reimbursement. Make sure you can motivate, why this mindfulness training can contribute to your recovery or employability.


Are you self-employed? Inform with your accountant or the tax authorities for possible tax benefits.


Are you a caregiver? Dutch Health Insurance companies might reimburse this MBSR training. Please check your Health Insurance.


You can register and contact us through the Contact Form or you can call

+31 (0) 6 242 10455!

mindfulness in english in Drachten, Friesland and Groningen. On our historic location or online.


  • 8 weekly sessions of 1 hour

  • introductory meeting

  • quality teaching material

  • audiotracks

During the day or evening:

Individual: € 650, - incl. VAT.

Self-employed: € 650 excl. VAT.

For two: 1 1/4 hr, € 525 p.p.incl. VAT.

Organization: €895 p.p. excl. VAT.


Are you looking for custom-made mindfulness? Mindfulness addressing a specific subject or tailored to your organization? We also can bring mindfulness to your doorstep! Please get in touch with Marianne Smit for all the possibilities!

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